Texas Ranked Last On 2019 Nursing Home Report Card

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For the third straight report card, nursing home quality in Texas continues to be the worst in the nation, reports Families for Better Care, a national nursing home resident advocacy group based in Austin. The group published its third state-by-state nursing home report card by analyzing eight federal measures to gauge nursing home quality.

Texas nursing home care continues to be an utter disaster as the state failed to score even one above average grade in any quality measure; failing five of eight overall.

Texas nursing home operators should be downright embarrassed by the state’s ongoing nursing home quality futility.

“Texas nursing home operators should be downright embarrassed by the state’s ongoing nursing home quality futility,” said Brian Lee, the group’s executive director. “It’s bad enough that Texas ranks 51st in nursing home care, again, for the third consecutive report card, but what’s so much worse is the fact that seemingly no one is prioritizing the safety and protection of the residents.”

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